I’m Sari Kauppinen and I live with my family and a pack of animals in a country in Pornainen, in Halkia’s county in Southern Finland. My family includes my husband and three boys that were born 2001, 2005 and 2009. We have three dogs. Two Golden Retrievers and one Irish Setter. We have two cats and Djungarian hamsters as pets. Our farm animals are Common Quails, chickens and goats. The nature has always been very important to us through our hobbies. We have huge forest just behind our house and we walk there daily with our dogs. My husband is also a hunter.

I got my first Golden Retriever at 1988 and since that I have had two or three goldens at a time, six in total. My dogs have opened a whole new world to me. Some of my dogs have been used and are used in hunting. I train retrieving and some blood tracking to my dogs. I also go to the dog shows sometimes.

The Irish Setter is a new breed to me. I’m sure there will be a lot of new challenges to me. Our working line setter will be trained for hunting and hunting tests.

I passed the Breeder class by Finnish Kennel Club in the spring 2010 and got the prefix Solargold at the autumn 2010. I’m a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Golden Ring (breed club of golden retrievers), Finnish Retriever Association, Uusimaa’s Retriever Association, Pääkaupunkiseutu’s Goldens and Retriever Club of Kanta-Häme- Welcome to our homepage to see our dogs and other animals.

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