Rustic-litter puppies went to their new homes

Solargold Rustic Remedy "Jalo"


Solargold Rustic Rose "Lyyti"

Solargold Rustic Ruth "Lumi"

Solargold Rustic Replica"Litti"


Solargold Rustic Rapture "Patu"

Solargold Rustic Rhythm "Rölli"

Solargold Rustic Rusty "Wilson"


Solargold Rustic Roulette "Joy"


Golden Special, Lahti

Judges Mr Ron & Mrs Lindsay Maynard, GB

Solargold Sunny Sabotage “Onni” JUN EXC

Match Show

Match Show in Lahti

Solargold Sunny Sabotage “Onni” Blue adults 1.

Puppies were born

Lysti gave birth  to six boys and  two girls .

Puppy blog

New puppy blog!


All Breed Show, judge Eeva Resko

Solargold Sunny Suntan “Onni” JUNIOR CLASS VG2


Puppies will be born at the beginnin of July

We took Lysti for an unltrasound and the vet confirmed that she is in whelp!  Estimated date of birth for the puppies is the 5th of July.



Cacib show, judge Bertil Lundgren Sweden

Solargold Sunny Suntan “Sunny” JUNIOR CLASS EXC3

Greenhill’s Zenith”Lysti” OPEN CLASS  EXC3




Hyvinkää Group show , Judge: Esko Nummijärvi

Solargold Sunny Sabotage, “Onni” JUNIOR CLASS  EXC2

Solargold Sunny Suntan “Sunny” JUNIOR CLASS  EXC1  CQ BF-3 Ress.CC

Greenhill’s Zenith “Lysti” OPEN CLASS  EXC2 CQ BF-4

Solargold Sunny Sabotage “Onni” photo (c) Mia Järvinen











Solargold Sunny Suntan “Sunny” photo (c) Mia Järvinen











Greenhill’s Zenith “Lysti”




Golden Ring Club Championship Show 2013

Judges Mr & Mrs Hare, UK

Solargold Sunny Sabotage “Onni” JUNIOR CLASS VG

Solargold Sunny Suntan “Sunny” JUNIOR CLASS  EXC 3  CQ

Greenhill’s Zenith “Lysti” OPEN CLASS  EXC4 CQ

Onni’s critique, Judge Mrs Hare: “Lovely head, neck & shoulder. Would prefer a slightly straighter forearm. Level topline. Good guarters & width. Moved out well.”

Sunny’s critique, Judge Mr Ron Hare: “Lovely feminine head. Nice soft expression. Good lenght of neck. Nicely angulated front. Nicely boned. Good lenght of body. Nice turn of stifle. Very animated on the move.”

Lysti’s critique , Judge Mr Ron Hare: “Lovely head and expression. Good neck. Lovely front angulation. Legs well set under. Good length of body. Nice quarters. Nice level topline with well set tail. Moved out freely.”

Onni&Mia, (c)Kari Kumpulainen













Solargold Sunny Sabotge"Onni"













Solargold Sunny Suntan "Sunny"


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